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Tünel & Tramway

We are on the history, right next to the Istiklal Street...
The subway train (tunnel), which is the second oldest subway of the world, is located under the Manesol Boutique Galata. While you are drinking your coffee, the history is being written. While the tunnel exit is just a few steps away, it is only in walking distance to the Istiklal Street where there are many different cultures and colours.”

While walking on the avenue, you can hear different melodies and tunes played by the street musicians. The train that connects Beyoğlu to Galata has one exit in Karaköy and the other exit in the Tünel district. The tunnel (funicular), which was constructed with the collaboration of the British and the French and completed in 1875, also forms the southern entrance of İstiklal Avenue.

This city does not sleep and it is wide-awake 24 hours of the day with the different tastes, different cultures and different music it offers. The finest details and nuances of arts and culture stroll around each and every corner of Istiklal.

Basilica Cistern

It is the biggest indoor cistern in Istanbul. It is accessed through the small building on the west of St. Sofia. The ceiling of the place looking like a column forest is cross vaulted and made of brick. Thanks to a basilica located around it at that time, it was named as Basilica Cistern.
Basilica Cistern presents all purity it has with its historical nature.
It hosts many local and international activities as well as being a museum.

St. Sofia (Hagia Sofia)

Surviving during the 15th century, this monument takes place among the masterpieces of art history and architecture world and it’s been the symbol of Byzantine with its dome. Compared with the other cathedrals in the world, St. Sofia is distinguished by.
Being the oldest cathedral of the world. Starting from construction start date, it hold the biggest cathedral title along about 1000 years (till construction of Seville Cathedral in Spain done in 1520). Considering the area, it’s the 4th biggest one of our times. It’s the fastest constructed cathedral of the world (in 5 years). It’s one of the longest term prayer halls of the world (15 centuries). Considering the diameter, its dome comes 4th among the old cathedral domes..


Galata Tower

One of the city's most striking landmarks, Galata Tower is a tower located in the Galata /Karaköy quarter of Istanbul and built in 528 a.d. Bosporus, Golden Horn and Istanbul can be viewed panoramically. Being one of the oldest tower in the world, Galata Tower was commanded to build by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius as a lighthouse in 528 a.d.
From ground to the end of roof, the total height of the tower is 69, 90. The tower has an external diameter of 16.45 meters at the base, an 8.95 meters diameter inside, and walls that are 3.75 meters thick
According to statically calculation, its weight is about 10.000 tons and its thick body is constructed by rough rubble stone..

Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern Art Museum or in short Istanbul Modern is the first modern first museum in Turkey. It presents the New Works, New Horizons, the procedure of modern art in Turkey since beginning and the historical art transformation through art and artists.
Istanbul Modern Collection hosts various disciplines ranging from art to sculpture, installation to video.

Jolly Joker

Located on Balo Street, Beyoglu, Istanbul with door no 22, Jolly Joker is the most equipped performance center of Beyoglu thanks to its 800 people capacity expanding on 1.000 m2 indoor area considering the infrastructure, technic, acoustic, volume and service.
Jolly Joker İstanbul consists of 3 different sections like performance hall, convertible indoor/ outdoor smoking area and VIP mezzanine. By its ultimate sound, light and “old pub design “decoration, it has hosted 700* performances and 220.400 quests in total in 3 years.

Grand Bazaar

Located in the city center of Istanbul, it is one of the biggest and oldest covered bazaars of the world. According to rumors, it contains up to half million people during the busiest hours in the day.
Grand Bazaar started to construct in 1461. It’s a unique center to visit thanks to its huge maze like design, 66 streets and 4.000 stores located on 30.700 m2 area.
This city like covered area has developed and expanded in time. Till recent times, it contained 5 mosques, 1 school, 7 fountains, 10 wells, 1 public fountain, 1 water tank, 24 gates and 17 inns. It was built by Emperor Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror.
After the 15th century, it changed surrounding around the
The surroundings of the 2 old buildings with some domes and thick walls remained from 15th century changed to a shopping center by covering the top of new streets and building the annexes in the following centuries.

Maiden’s Tower

Becoming symbol of Istanbul, the tower is the only Byzantine piece surviving in Scutari. Going back to 24 B.C historically, the tower was built on an island where Black Sea and Marmara Sea meets. Some European historians call here Leander Tower. There are many rumors about the tower.
Hosting a graveyard in Greek Period, it functioned as a customs station with an annex built in byzantine Period. In Ottoman period, it served various functions like performance platform, defense tower, exile station, and quarantine station. However, it never lost its main function, the lighthouse function blinking eye to human for centuries and guiding the ships in the nights. Maiden’s Tower guides to dreams most from past to present. Restored in 2000, the Maiden’s Tower has changed to a dining place. Transportation to Maiden’s Tower is carried out by small boats from Salacak and Ortakoy.


Zoe Bar Restaurant

Having all beauties of Istanbul in one place, Zoe Bar & Club offers you rich menus from world cuisine in a magical atmosphere and full joy at the same time. Giving an opportunity to live your style with its eligible environment, Zoe pleases eyes and tastes. You can have your dinner with the spectacular historical peninsula, Maiden’s Tower, The Princess’ Islands, Topkapı Palace view and dance with DJs starting from 23:00 till late hours on Fridays/ Saturdays.

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